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12 Laws of the Universe

“To know and understand the energy laws of the universe is to know and understand a little more the mind of our creator”

Lori Kostenuk

The 12 universal laws provide us with a deeper understanding of life and explain why things are the way they are. One should follow these laws simultaneously in order to live in harmony with the Universe.

1. Law of oneness

The first and most foundational law is oneness. Everything is connected - people, animals, nature, etc. We are all, literally all living beings, physical expressions of divine energy, even though we are individuals on the physical plane. Our thoughts, attitude, actions, habits, relationships etc. are part of that oneness. Our ego mind, that is accustomed to the world of duality, forces us to feel separate from everything else. To be able to see oneness in all and all in one is the way to liberate ourselves from boundaries that are narrowing our perception of reality. This is activated when compassion is exercised and the fact that we are all one is accepted.

2. Law of vibration

Every living organism, object, every thought, feeling, and desire has a unique vibration unto itself. It has been proven by science in the physical world: solids have a lower frequency than liquids and gasses. We experience life through vibrations. It applies to perception of color, sounds, as well as thoughts and emotions. Love, joy, and gratitude have much higher frequency than pain, despair, and anger. When we are vibing high we feel light, optimistic, and grateful. And we might notice that things tend to go well naturally.The law of vibration can be applied by participating in mindful practices, like yoga, that promote good vibes.

3. Law of attraction

The most popular and known is the Law of Attraction. This law is applied by believing in what we are manifesting. We attract not only what we want, but also our fears, because the Universe reads our emotional state, not our mind. It is very common to use Law of Attraction techniques to attract things like a perfect partner, a better job, lots of money, etc. There are many reasons that people don’t find results with the traditional LOA techniques simply because they don’t realize there are 11 other laws that work in unison with this one law.

4. Law of cause and effect

Our intentions and actions influence the future, we may call it Karma, boomerang effect, echo responds to the call, etc. Whatever we name it, the idea remains the same. If we look back into the Law of Oneness, we might notice that nothing we think or do is in isolation since we are all energetically connected. Therefore our thoughts and actions will be mirrored back to us one way or another. If we want love in our life, we should generate more love and share that light with the world. If we want to live in abundance - be generous. And so on. It sounds simple but not very easily implemented because of the level of awareness in our own thoughts and actions. Unfortunately, very often we are going through the day on autopilot, like sleepwalkers. Bringing attention to the breath, to the present moment, asking questions like “Am I sleeping?”, “Where is my attention?” would definitely be helpful to elevate the level of awareness.

5. Law of compensation

Whatever goes around, comes around this is the manifesto for the law of compensation. This law is activated when we contribute to what we are manifesting. It comes after the Law of Cause and Effect. Whenever someone smiles, your mood instantly changes. Be generous and share kindness and compassion, and those things will come back to you in various forms. Also, this law is fulfilling the things that we have lost. We always get compensated if we have enough room to accommodate the replacement.

6. Law of gender

Everything carries both masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies. Elements such as energy, logic, and intellect are referred to masculine part, while emotions, calmness, and gentleness are feminine qualities. The goal is to preserve the balance between the two of them, as they depend on each other.

7. Law of relativity

We all have different perceptions of one reality. Our perception allows us to understand life with a greater compassion and comparison. This law implies that we are inclined to compare, separate, judge, and label things in the world, while in reality everything is neutral. Relativism exists in all things, it is coming from the duality that we have raised on. We would not know what is kindness, love, and compassion, without the opposites. Applying this law might help us to understand the tougher parts of our lives with greater compassion and to accept people and events just the way they are, to appreciate what we have without comparisons.

8. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy implies that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, yet it changes from one state to another. Just like a water cycle in nature. This means that the energy in the universe is always transmuting into and out of form. At no time will the energy be standing still. This law is getting activated by remaining positive regardless of surrounding energies. It reminds us that there’s nothing to be afraid of because energy is always fluctuating and ever changing. We always have the power to trigger positive change in our lives by choosing a higher vibrational thought in any given situation.

9. Law of polarity

The law of polarity is the principle that everything has two “poles”: good and evil, love and hate, attraction and disconnection. Like the North and South Poles or a battery with its negative and positive charges. Everything in the universe has an opposite, everything is dual. And it’s what allows us to experience life to the fullest and appreciate the good in the world. This law can be experienced by uncovering what's happening on the opposite end of the spectrum.

10. Law of rhythm

The Universal Law of Rhythm is about the natural cycles of life. Everything has a natural rhythm. We can observe this in nature sunrises - sunsets, four seasons, ocean tides, etc. All energy vibrates at a certain speed and rhythm. Everything has a cycle and stages of development. The only way to master each rhythm is by facing the negative part of each cycle. In our own lives, we can remember that integration is just as important as growth.

11. Law of correspondence

"As above, so below” - The law of correspondence states that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Basically, our current reality is a projection of our thoughts and emotions. If the world around us seems dark and gloomy, it is time to pay attention to what is going on inside of the heart and mind, as well as our physical and mental health. Holding negative thoughts inside us will return the image of the world full of confusion and disturbance. Oftentimes we are unable to control what life throws at us, though we have 100% responsibility for inner peace and happiness. We have heard many times, if you cannot change the world around you - change the perspective of the world. This law reflects on all patterns repeatedly throughout the Universe. In any troubling situation, she suggests asking what the situation can show you about yourself, and what requires healing within.

12. Law of inspired action

The law of inspired action states that we have to be inspired by our own thoughts and act accordingly. The law assumes that we must overcome laziness and inertia in order to achieve goals easily. Closely related to the law of attraction, the law of inspired action is all about taking those real, actionable steps to invite what we want into our lives. Once we align our thoughts, emotions with goals, every unconscious effort will transmute those thoughts into reality.

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