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SAMADHI - the pathless path

The wisdom of samadhi is quite different. Higher level wisdom cannot be written down. It cannot be spoken. True wisdom is the knowledge of the universe that is beyond physical expression.

Frederick Lenz

Samadhi is a hot topic beyond yoga circles. I was pondering on it for the past few years. There is no modern equivalent of this word to translate it even loosely from Sanskrit.

It is one of the concepts that cannot be grasped by the analytical mind and cannot be explained fully in words.

Samadhi inspires us to get to know our true nature, to go beyond the known and unknown by tapping into collective consciousness.

We live in the era where we may observe the illusion of global awakening. Today spirituality has become almost a trend - to practice yoga, meditation, etc…It’s all good and beneficial, though in reality we know very little what spirituality even is. Conventional approach through the egoic mind would not even work here. We have access to such a vast amount of information, science went very far in studying this material world that even started proving the existence of God. And yet none can describe and define God. We forgot what God is, we forgot what spirituality is, we even forgot who we are and why we are. Today, like never before, we got disconnected from our true nature, the light, the very essence of who we are. We started identifying ourselves with our mental, emotional and physical bodies, living in constant fear of death. We fell into the illusion of separateness from the world.

We are looking for spiritual practices that will resonate with us, books that will give us the answers, teachers that will hold our hand…it’s all good and beneficial as long as we know that the answer is always within the heart of the inquirer. We always know the answer, it’s just the matter of tapping into it.

Even wanting more divine awakening, more calmness of the mind, more enlightening- it’s all still the result of an egoic mind. Spiritual but egoic. Some of us might think they understand God, Samadhi, Love…it’s an illusion.

Samadhi is not about achieving or adding something to yourself, it’s about discovering death while being alive. It happens when we dissipate the egoic mind, shed the identities, experiencing oneness, and go beyond the matrix. We are sleepwalking and unconsciously devoting our life to feeding the matrix. We hold on to our belief system, suppressing and repressing our emotions, clinging to thoughts and limiting stereotypes, everything that prevents us from awakening. We are afraid to let go of the control, to step aside and create some space to observe the experience. What if we lose ourselves in the process? We don’t even know ourselves to lose it in the first place.

We play multiple roles and wear multiple hats, and we do not have to give it up to become awakened. We just have to recognize the illusion of identities. We should question our thoughts and even thoughts about thoughts. Samadhi is a step above the thinking, above the dualistic mind.

The world of thought is the only world we know. But there is another world beyond thinking. Beyond the dualistic mind. Awakening is not about getting rid of the mind or the matrix, on the contrary, when you are not identified with your mind, then you can more fully experience the play of life, enjoying all that is, without craving or fear. In the ancient teachings this was called the divine game, Leela, the game of duality.

As we approach Samadhi we reduce the level of suffering by allowing, surrendering into the flow of life and experiencing the true Self, which is timeless and ever present. The realization of the true Self is only the beginning of the path. Most people will experience and lose Samadhi in meditation many times before they can integrate it into other aspects of life. It is not unusual to have deep insights into your true nature during meditation or self-examination, and find yourself reverting back to old patterns, forgetting the truth of who you are.

Be aware of stillness or emptiness in all aspects of life, become a void dancing in everything. Stillness is not the opposite of movement, as form is not the opposite of emptiness. This concept is not accessible for understanding with our dualistic mind, therefore it’s impossible to understand Samadhi using human logic. Samadhi cannot be conceptualized and learned from the theory.

The path to Samadhi is observing the conditioned inpermanent self and recognizing our true nature, that which is unchanging. As we step into that field of awareness we surrender into the unknown and trusting to what is to happen. In the process of getting to know the true Self we recognize the purpose of the Soul by attuning with the Divine.

These days we live in collective deception.

We say we want peace, but we continue to choose leaders who support war.

We deceive ourselves by saying that we are protecting human rights, but we continue to buy products made in sweatshops.

We say we want clean air, but we keep polluting it.

We want science to cure us of cancer, but we don't want to change our self-destructive habits that promote disease.

We delude ourselves into believing that we want a better life.

We do not want to see the tendencies hidden in us that contribute to suffering and death.

The belief that we can win the war against cancer, hunger, terrorism, or any other enemy created by our own thinking and behavior actually allows us to keep deluding ourselves that there is no need to change our way of functioning on this planet.

First of all, the revolution must take place within you. The external world will come into harmony with the Tao only when we can directly feel the spiral of life inside. Up to this point, everything we have done will only increase the chaos already created by the mind.

War and peace arise together in an endless dance. They are one continuum.

One part cannot exist without the other. Just as light cannot exist without darkness, just as above cannot exist without below. It seems that the world wants light without darkness, fullness without emptiness, happiness without sorrow. The more the mind is involved, the more fragmented the world becomes. Any decision that comes from the ego mind is based on the idea that there is a problem,

and this solution becomes an even bigger problem than the one we were trying to solve.

The problem is that we don't understand the tool we are using. We do not understand the human mind and its true role and purpose. This crisis has given rise to our limited and conditioned thinking, the way we feel and live life. Our rationalism has robbed us of the ability to recognize and use the wisdom of many ancient cultures. Our selfish thinking has robbed us of the ability to feel the profound sanctity of life, the divine presence in all aspects of life, the ability to recognize completely different levels of consciousness, knowledge of which is almost lost.

We do not understand the mechanism by which we create suffering. Our thinking has created the world we live in. Whenever we call something "good" or "bad" or create a preference in our mind, it is because of ego activity and self-interest. The solution is not to fight for peace or conquer nature, but simply to recognize the fact that the very existence of the ego system creates a duality, a division between me and others, mine and yours, man and nature, inner and outer. Ego is violence. To exist, he needs a barrier, a barrier from others. Without ego there is no war. There is no pride and depletion of natural resources for the sake of profit.

The external crisis in the world reflects our internal crisis - we do not know who we are.

We are completely identified with our selfish selves, consumed by our fears and cut off from our true nature.

Races, religions, countries, political organizations, whatever group we belong to only reinforce our identification with the ego. Now, more than ever, different realities and polar systems of views coexist on earth. Different people in relation to the same external phenomena can have completely different thoughts and emotional reactions. An event that seems like the end of the world for one will be a blessing for another. From this it becomes obvious that external circumstances should in no way affect your inner world.

To realize Samadhi means to become a self-propelled wheel, to become autonomous,

universe in itself. Your experience of life does not depend on the change of phenomena.

The greatest minds in human history have often pointed to levels of thought beyond the limited self-system. The mind is a wonderful instrument when it serves the heart and not vice versa.

The ego is constantly filtering reality through language and labels, all the while judging in favor of one thing over another. When the mind and feelings are your masters, they create endless suffering, desires and dislikes, locking us into the matrix of thinking.

If you want to realize Samadhi, do not define your thoughts as good or bad, but find who you are before thoughts, before feelings.

When all labels are dropped, then it becomes possible to see everything as it is.

As soon as the child is told what a bird is, and if he believes what he was told,

he will never see the bird again. He will only see his thoughts.

Most people believe that they are free, aware and awakened. If you believe that you are already awakened, then why are you doing such hard work to get what you already have? Before awakening becomes possible, it is important to accept the fact that you are sleeping while living in the matrix. Examine your life honestly without deceiving yourself.

Can you stop seeking pleasure and avoiding pain? Do you have an addiction to certain foods, activities, or entertainment? Do you constantly judge, blame, and criticize yourself and others? Is your mind constantly looking for stimuli, or are you completely satisfied with just being in silence? Does it matter to you what people think of you? Are you looking for approval or encouragement?

What price are you ready to pay to awaken?

Most people will live their lives tomorrow, a year from now, and ten years from now

just like they do it today. As you begin to observe your tendency to live like a robot, you will become more aware. You will begin to realize the depth of the problem. You are completely and totally asleep, lost in this dream.

Most of those who hear this truth will not be ready or able to change their lives, being attached to their habitual patterns. We are ready to do anything to justify our patterns, thereby hiding our heads in the sand, rather than facing the truth.

The first step to awakening is to realize that we are identifying with the matrix of the human mind or mask. Something within us must hear this truth and wake up from sleep. There is a part of you that is timeless and always knows the truth.

Identification with the egoic mind is the disease and Samadhi is the cure.

Are you willing to shed all your identities and let go of the illusory self?

Credits: AwakenTheWorldFilm "Samadhi"

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