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Anika Love Yoga

Wellness Center

Journey within and heal deeply with our compassionate, integrative approach to wellness, designed to support your mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Classes

@Ninotch an Urban Retreat
7768 Woodmont Ave Suite 201, Bethesda, MD 20814

Slow Flow: @5PM Monday, Thursday 
Yoga Nidra: @6:15PM Monday,

Invitation to Holistic Wellness

Are you ready to prioritize your well-being and join a supportive community on your journey to holistic wellness? Our experienced practitioners offer personalized services, including Reiki healing sessions and training, yoga classes, workshops, guided meditations, sound bath meditations, oracle card readings, and spiritual guidance sessions. We're passionate about helping you release tension, restore balance, and connect with your inner self in a welcoming and supportive environment. So come join us and take the first step towards prioritizing your well-being today!

Our Wellness Philosophy

At our wellness studio, we believe that holistic wellness is about more than just physical health - it's about nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. That's why we're committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community that supports your well-being on every level.

Our Core Values 

Inclusivity: We believe that everyone deserves access to holistic wellness practices, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background. We strive to create a safe and inclusive space where all are welcome.

Personalization: We recognize that everyone's journey to wellness is unique, and we honor that by providing personalized services tailored to your individual needs.

Empowerment: We believe that true wellness comes from within, and we empower our clients to take an active role in their own healing and growth.

Integrity: We operate with transparency and honesty, and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Community: We believe that healing and growth happen in community, and we're committed to fostering a supportive and connected environment where you can thrive.

These values guide everything we do at our wellness studio, and we're proud to share them with you as we work together towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

Latest Testimonial

Anika is incredible person, very professional, reasonable and loving. She is not just sharing her professionalism but guiding you and sharing her knowledge and making sure that you feel comfortable and understand how to use your body properly. I've been practicing yoga with her for over a year and definitely see incredible results in overall body flexibility , certainly I feel much more energized and I build some physical strength. Moreover I like how her practice gives much more than physical experience but also she will guide you spiritually . Highly recommend !!!!

~ Valeria~ 

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