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New Age Healer, Artist, 500 Hrs Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master, doTerra Advocate. 

My journey to what I do now has been rather unique. As far back as I can remember, I have always felt strong connection to the spiritual world. I was blessed to have my godmother as spiritual guide throughout my childhood and adolescence. My Godmother was a clairvoyant energy healer, and she was the one who recognized a healing abilities in me. It did not come as a surprise, as I was already successfully healing my sister’s request headaches. It took me quite a while to come out and start healing others. Also, she was the one who shed a light onto the world of yoga as “Indian gymnastics”. Back then I was about 1o years old and could not quite understand the depth of the practice, though it awakened curiosity and genuine interest in it.

In my teen years I was fascinated by psychology, esoteric studies and art. For over 6 years I attended art school learning batik (it’s is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the fabric). Many years later I found myself loving oil painting, it resonated with my heart on much deeper level.

When I was going through the “Dark Night of the Soul”, I had to find my ways to heal myself. It took me over a decade to let go of the hurt, heal  the trauma, and to reconnect with myself. During these years I have completed multiple trainings in yoga, meditation, therapeutic arts, energy healing, essential oils and crystals applications.

I know from experience what it takes to pacify the mind, to go beyond ego, to embrace life and be in the flow.


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Molly Dresner is a speech therapist and author based in Chevy Chase, MD. Her career is dedicated to helping others open their throat chakras (the 5th chakra located at the neck that represents the ability to communicate effectively). Reading angel cards is one of the communication methods in which she specializes. During a reading Molly helps you advocate your wants, needs, and curiosities to the spirit world. Additionally, she helps to translate the messages that the angels relay. Angel card readings can be done in person or virtually.

Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor, Angel Card Reader


Spiritual Teacher, Vedic Astrologer

Indumukhi Dasi is a Vedic Astrologer, she provides guidance to individuals who feel lost or confused on their life's journey.


The universe is endlessly big and multidimensional and humans are endlessly small particles of consciousness. According to a string theory everything is energy and only about 25% of it gross enough to get form and substance. The moment when consciousness coming into gross world we call birthday of someone and it’s definitive for the life that is going to be lived. Some people, by design and long training, are better to see and understand connection that run deep between the moment of birth and the the events of life that is going to be lived. I am one of them and I am glad to be at your service in your way of self discovery through the ancient knowledge of stars, their movement and influence on individual souls.

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