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My life has been a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, letting go, and healing, which has led me to where I am today as a dedicated healer and spiritual guide. From a young age, I felt a deep connection to the spiritual world, and I was fortunate to have my godmother as my mentor and guide. She was a clairvoyant energy healer who recognized my own healing abilities when I successfully relieved my sister's headaches as a child. It took some time before I was ready to fully embrace the gift of healing, but with my godmother's encouragement and support, I realized my calling.

During my teenage years, I was drawn to psychology, esoteric studies, and art, studying the batik technique for over six years, and later finding a passion for oil painting that spoke to my heart on a deeper level. Although I initially tried to learn Tarot cards, I could not connect with them fully. I discovered Messages from Angels Oracle Cards, Energy Oracle Cards, and Isis Oracle Cards, which have been invaluable tools for spiritual assistance and guidance in my work.

My personal journey through the "Dark Night of the Soul" inspired me to find my own ways to heal and reconnect with myself, leading me to pursue extensive training in yoga, meditation, therapeutic arts, energy healing, essential oils, and crystal applications. I have found that craniosacral therapy is an excellent complement to Reiki energy healing sessions, and I incorporate it into my practice.

As a healer and spiritual guide, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Whether you are struggling with emotional pain, physical ailments, or simply seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, I am here to support you on your journey. I bring compassion, intuition, and a deep understanding of the human experience to my work, helping you find your own path to healing, growth, and harmony.

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New Age Healer, Artist, 500 Hrs Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master, doTerra Advocate. 

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Meet Narmin, a vivid yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for holistic healing. With over a decade of personal experience in the field, Narmin has dedicated her life to helping others find balance and inner peace through the practice of yoga, meditation, and energy healing.

As a yoga teacher, Narmin's classes are dynamic and challenging, yet accessible to students of all levels. She encourages her students to explore their own limits and connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits on a deeper level. Narmin's meditation sessions are equally transformative, guiding her students through various techniques to calm the mind and access a state of pure consciousness.

In addition to her yoga and meditation teachings, Narmin is also an energy healer. Drawing on her knowledge of Reiki and other healing modalities, she works with her clients to balance their chakras, release negative energy, and restore their vitality and sense of well-being.

With her compassionate and intuitive approach, Narmin is known for creating a safe and nurturing space for her students and clients to explore their own inner worlds. For anyone looking to deepen their practice and experience the healing power of yoga, meditation, and energy work, Narmin is a gifted and passionate teacher.

Our Experts


Pushpa Krishnaswamy is a highly experienced and dedicated yoga teacher who is passionate about helping her students achieve physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation. With over seven years of teaching experience, Pushpa has honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the ancient principles that underpin these practices.

Pushpa's approach to teaching is rooted in the timeless wisdom of the ancient yoga texts, which she incorporates into her classes to provide students with a rich and authentic practice. Her classes are designed to be accessible to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and are focused on cultivating mindfulness, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Pushpa's yoga teacher training was completed at the prestigious Sri Sri School of Yoga, where she received extensive training in traditional Hatha yoga, as well as in the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In addition, she has completed the Government of India Ayush Ministry Yoga Certification Board Level 2 exam, which has further enhanced her expertise in this field.

Pushpa's commitment to continuing education is evident in her completion of the Faculty Development Program on Yoga and Wellness conducted by Sri Sri University. This program deepened her understanding of the connections between yoga and wellness, and provided her with additional tools and techniques to enhance her teaching and serve her students better.

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Indumukhi Dasi

Indumukhi Dasi is a Vedic Astrologer with a unique gift for helping individuals navigate life's journey with clarity and purpose. As a believer in the ancient wisdom that the universe is made up of energy, with only about 25% taking physical form, Indumukhi understands that our consciousness is an integral part of this universal energy.

Indumukhi's expertise lies in connecting the dots between the moment of birth and the events that will shape an individual's life. Her training and natural abilities enable her to see the deep connections between the positions of the stars and planets and how they influence our life journey.

With her compassionate and intuitive approach, Indumukhi provides guidance to individuals who feel lost or confused on their life's journey. She understands that life is full of challenges, and that the insights provided by Vedic astrology can help to illuminate the path forward.

Indumukhi considers it an honor and a privilege to assist individuals in their journey of self-discovery through the ancient knowledge of the stars. She is dedicated to helping her clients gain a deeper understanding of their unique life path and to empower them to live their best lives. With her wisdom and guidance, Indumukhi can help you find the clarity and purpose you need to navigate life's journey with confidence and grace.

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