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Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”

~ Earl Nightingale

James T Mangan wrote a book titled The Secret of Perfect Living in 1963. To him, the big obstacle to living heaven on earth is the war between the conscious and the subconscious. He came up with 100 words and named them “Switchwords” to bring about this “togetherness.” Where the master switchword is unsurprisingly “Together”.

Switchwords are kind of affirmations, designed to access your subconscious mind. They bypass the conscious, analytical mind, which is pretty linear and rational. Switch-words invite the cooperation of the subconscious. It is an accessible way to bridge the subconscious and conscious minds so they can work in unison.

Switchwords may help you tune in to something or change the situation. If applied, they will become the keys to success and fulfilment of desires. All our dreams, actions and deeds are beginning in our thoughts! Words are passwords that help to connect consciousness with the subconscious and lead to the goal that a person sets for himself.

Let's say you are very upset because someone said something to you, or did something that did not go as you expected. Everything inside you would start bubbling with resentment. You would not be unable to let go of this situation, continuously replaying it in your mind. You understand with your mind that you need to let it go, but you can’t control yourself. The heart is jumping out of the chest, and the blood pressure is skyrocketing ... Call the key word "CLOSE" to your aid.

The phrase is built like this: "TOGETHER - CLOSE - NOW." You need to repeat this phrase until you feel anger and irritation go away, and you will calm down. Switchwords will also help in situations where you need to make some kind of physical effort. When you are in a hurry to get somewhere, use the word "FORWARD''. And the phrase will sound like this: "TOGETHER - FORWARD - NOW." You will definitely arrive on time. With the switchword “ADJUST”, people climb the stairs much faster and easier, carry various weights, work in the garden, cope with physical movement and hard work.

I can provide you with endless examples, but I think you have already got the essence of the key words. Below are the key words you can easily use to compose passphrase and then work with them. It's simple, but there are a few rules to keep in mind.

In order for affirmations to work It is very important to remember the following:

1. Your must feel your desire on the level of thoughts, emotions and feelings

2. Unconditionally believe that your desire is attainable.

3. Repeat the affirmations as often as possible throughout the day, though the best time is early morning, just a few moments before you open your eyes and a few moments before you fall asleep. These times our subconscious mind is the most receptive.

Formula: TOGETHER…(switchword)...NOW


  • To create new ideas - ON

  • To reduce smoking - COUNT

  • To get in mood for writing - GIGGLE

  • To stay young and to look young immediately - LEARN

  • To be a good mechanic - CONSIDER

  • To break a bad habit - OFF

  • To meet a deadline - DONE

  • To sigh (relax) - HO

  • To win in a competitive game - FIGHT

  • To upset an opponent in such a game - FIGHT

  • To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess - CUT

  • To display pep and sudden energy - MOVE

  • To turn a setback into an uplift - ELATE

  • To remember, in the sense of memorization - CARE

  • To remember something forgotten - REACH

  • To find lost or misplaced article - REACH

  • To solve a problem - REACH

  • To prevent a person or action from annoying one - CANCEL

  • To obliterate a negative thought - CANCEL

  • To dispel a worry - CANCEL

  • To sell - GIVE

  • To acquire a skill - WATCH

  • To love to read - JUDGE

  • To maintain good health - BE

  • To be kind - TINY

  • To invent - REACH

  • To relieve constipation - SWIVEL

  • To heal a scab - ALONE

  • To stop drinking - SAVE

  • To keep a resolution - DONE

  • To destroy remorse -TOMORROW

  • To cease regretting -THANKS

  • To be on time - ON


  • To stand up straight - NAME OF A KNOWN STRAIGHT-UP STANDER


  • To cure hypersensitivity - DUCK

  • To prevent pouting streak - POSTPONE

  • To handle anything unpleasant - ADJUST

  • To dispel an attack of the blues - UP

  • To act on good impulse - NOW

  • To stop fault finding - PRAISE

  • To build willpower - DONE

  • To banish lonesomeness - BE

  • To get rid of inertia - MOVE

  • To avoid poverty or debt - CANCEL

  • To nourish ambition - ON

  • To eliminate procrastination - DO

  • To promote - FOR

  • To advertise - SCHEME

  • To secure publicity - RIDICULOUS

  • To retain good feeling or sense of well-being - STRETCH

  • To assume or carry a burden - ADJUST

  • To get something out of eye - CHANGE

  • To dispel ache or pain in any part of body - CHANGE

  • To turn on personality - CHUCKLE

  • To turn on politeness or courtesy - TINY

  • To convert another - TAP

  • To dispel nervousness – BLUFF

  • To dispel conscious fear - BLUFF

  • To call forth extra personal ability - DIVINE

  • To preserve personal safety - GUARD

  • To make yourself beautiful or handsome - PRAISE

  • To acquire good taste - COPY

  • To keep a secret - FOREVER

  • To subdue inner excitement - COVER

  • To get to sleep - OFF

  • To build - PUT

  • To dress better - SPEND

  • To find percentage - ADD

  • To learn a secret - WAIT

  • To improve your mental telepathy - BETWEEN

  • To swim - CONTINUE

  • To withstand impatience - SLOW

  • To handle success - SUFFER

  • To handle prosperity - SUFFER

  • To avoid carelessness - ATTENTION

  • To improve perspective - AROUND

  • To build character - HOLD

  • To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering -UNCLE

  • To develop or increase endurance - CONTINUE

  • To be wise - SLOW

  • To achieve peace of conscience – BE

  • To build, produce - ON

  • To develop leadership - TAKE

  • To build a fortune - FIND

  • To make money - COUNT

  • To develop courage - SWING

  • To read the future - LISTEN

  • To work miracles - DIVINE

  • To do anything - TOGETHER

  • To lose inferiority complex - UP

  • To become an orator - ACT

  • To publish a successful newspaper - PERSONAL

  • To publish a successful magazine - SOPHISTICATE

  • To make your children obedient - CROWD

  • To be compatible with others - WITH

  • To be soothing to others - SWEET

  • To be pious - SHOW

  • To complete a lot of detailed work - NEXT

  • To create appeal - HOLE

  • To design - SCHEME

  • To appear rich - WASTE

  • To create beauty - CURVE

  • To appear cultured - CLASSIC

  • To help others - GIVE

  • To bury your grudges – REVERSE

  • To reduce your bragging - DOWN

  • To lose pettiness - MAGNANIMITY

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