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Reality check

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can see the truth in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words, though I wonder - How common is common?

I used to believe that I was not capable to understand the nature of the world that we live in.

Every single day, since I remember myself, I am looking into the sky and contemplating. I see amazing colors, shapes, I see the movement of the shape shifting clouds, I am watching a movie about the sky. Every day the sky is different and every time equally mesmerizing. I wonder if anyone loves the sky as much as I do. And yet, I still cannot comprehend it. I do not understand what I am seeing.

I love sunrise. It is my most favorite time of the day. I love to observe the sky just before the sun makes its appearance over the horizon. The amazing colors in the sky, sometimes over dramatic, sometimes subtle and very gentle. And when the sun shines its first rays of warm and love, I squint my eyes ever so slightly, to see these first beams broken into myriads of tiny specs of light through my eyelashes. Somehow the sight of the rising sun makes me exhale softly and very deeply. It feels like it washes away all my worries and sins, it charges me with powerful something that gives me incredible uplift and faith into the upcoming day. Incredible miracle of nature 's sunrise. I have seen many of those, but every time is like the first time. I still cannot comprehend the secret of the sunrise.

Sunrise by the ocean makes it even more special, it is always a highlight of my time at the beach. Ocean amplifies the magnitude of the sunrise. Ocean itself is incredible. I love the waves and inconsistency of their nature. I love how the water makes my skin feel soft and fresh, I like to walk on the beach and let the waves break onto my feet and legs, I like to drift on the waves, embracing the power of the water element. And still I cannot comprehend the vastness of the ocean and the nature of it.

Have you ever seen a sunrise in the park? Freshness of the air emitted by earth, herbs and trees…Birds singing and chirping, squirrels, bunnies and deers are waking up with nature. Every sound and aroma is like a part of one beautiful symphony…Look around - variety of colors, shapes and patterns, everything looks so unique and at the same time follows magical design. Patterns of the tree bark, coils of vines, combination of colors, diversity of plants and flowers, and other mysteries of nature are so magnificent that I cannot comprehend it.

The Earth is an unbelievably beautiful planet, full of wonders and mystery. Mountains full of gems, fields of wildflowers, forests with animals and birds, oceans and rivers with their creatures and creations, tranquility of lakes, grace of waterfalls, inspiration of sunrises and serenity of sunsets…way too many to count.

I used to believe that I was incapable of comprehending the nature of the world that we live in. Now I know that for sure and I prefer it this way. It is my Reality Check. As long as the world stays as a mystery full of wonders and miraculous surprises I know that my connection with God is still there. I know that I am alive and the song of my heart is echoing the enigma of the Universe.

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